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45 Breathtaking And Effortless DIY Halloween Decorations

1. A Floating Ghost

A Floating Ghost

Your kids will be delighted by this cheesecloth ghost in weird postures this Halloween. Easy to make with inexpensive materials from the craft store, these ghosts are sure to liven up the spooky scene at your house. You will need some cheesecloth – which can often be found in your grocery store if the craft store doesn’t carry it – felt, cornstarch, and water. A few simple steps, and your house will be haunted in no time!

DIY Details : everydayisacraftingday

2. That’s Just Devilishly Genius

That's Just Devilishly Genius

Did you have any idea that you could make bone chilling ghosts with bright glowing eyes peek out of your garden bushes, all by using some old, empty toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks ? Freak out everyone who is passing by your house with these spooky eyed creatures and have a fun-filled Halloween. Take a look at this pictorial representation of how you can work these devils out.

DIY Details : themetapicture

3. Spooky Halloween Candle Light Cups!

Spooky Halloween Candle Light Cups!

These have to be one of the easiest Halloween decorations ever. All you need to gather is colored plastic cups, LED tealights and a black marker to get creative and craft your little ghostly faces. An amazingly fun and quick project, these Halloween Candle Light Cups never fail to keep the magic of the festival alive with their bright glow and spooky facial features.

DIY Details : thriftymommaramblings

4. DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy

DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy

Looking out for some inexpensive DIY Halloween decor? Mummify your front door using good ole fashioned crepe paper streamers. This one is a freaky mummy front door covering to bring the magic of Halloween right at your doorstep. Here are some instructions and photos that illustrate just how easy it is to make an amazing Halloween mummy door, letting even the kids join in the craft.

DIY Details : honeyandfitz

5. Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns

Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns

Create a spooky centerpiece for this Halloween party with this cool and trendy decoration idea that’s truly cost-friendly and effortless to achieve. These Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns simply take the cake with glowing faces peeking through. From pumpkins to mummies to ghostly designs, the below tutorial will help you through the festive decor to create the lovely DIY Halloween luminaries using mason jars and LED tealights.

DIY Details : mycraftyspot

6. Bats!


If you have kids you probably have a box full of stuff that you wish to use some day for creating some kind of craft with your kids. Well, this Halloween can be the lucky time to do so. Make your own DIY Halloween bats just with some black card stock, scissors and tape. Sport them over the exterior or the interior walls of your house, flying in a stream and add to the creepy feel of Halloween.

DIY Details : danamadeit

7. PB Knock-Off Hanging Ghosts

PB Knock-Off Hanging Ghosts

Cheesecloth hanging ghosts is a Halloween craft that is perfect for the kids to be a part of, or even do all by themselves. Get a haunting Halloween view alive by hanging these homemade ghosts from tree branches or porch railings. These are not only easy to make, but also quite a cute element to the Halloween fever. Learn how you can make them levitate right in front of you and the guests.

DIY Details : simplydesigning

8. Halloween party ideas: Monster Doors

Halloween party ideas: Monster Doors

It’s a great idea to spice up your front door for the Trick or Treat party this Halloween. A goofy monster, a wicked wreath monster, a confused monster, creepy crawly, a green-eyed beast, Frankenstein, toothy monsters, stripey hair creature, or a cheeky one, you have it all to get inspired from. Here is an amazing roundup of some really clever yet easy Monster Door ideas to help you jump start your party night.

DIY Details : goodtoknow

9. DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings

DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings


What fun would it be to create a budget-friendly Halloween craft project at home that yields some unique looking Bloody Handprint Window Clings, along with some spooky fake blood drops. Instead of buying them from the stores, these do-it-yourself, reusable gory window clings made in just a few steps are just what you need to add a gruesome element to your festive decorations.

Pic Source and DIY Details : kylyssa.hubpages

10. Halloween Decorations Wall Spider Web

Halloween Decorations Wall Spider Web

This year. bid farewell to store bought and incorporate some homespun decor into your space with handmade crafts. A yarn, a two-sided tape and some toy spiders – that’s the list of all the stuff you require to cover the walls with giant and creepy DIY spider webs and celebrate the charm of Halloween this season. Here is a creative tutorial to let you know how you can make your own spooky spider webs.

DIY Details : theartofdoingstuff

11. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Light up some ghosts to welcome your visitors with this adorable Illuminated Ghost Garland resting on your porch. Taking no more than 5 supplies to come to life, these garlands are unbelievably simple to craft. The most amazing and cool thing about this decoration is that it looks scary in the day and even more scary in the night with just a flip of a switch !

DIY Details : designdininganddiapers

12. Making Paper Bats For Lamp Shades

Making Paper Bats For Lamp Shades

Add black bat silhouettes to the insides of your room lamps that won’t be visible to anyone until you switch the lamps on to heighten the Halloween fun. Get the bat lines lampshades glowing when you are all set to celebrate the trick-or-treat night and make everyone shudder at their sight. Making this trick takes no more than 10 minutes, perfect for the last-minute procrastinators!

DIY Details : younghouselove

13. Cheap Halloween Decoration : Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Cheap Halloween Decoration : Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Best out of waste, this Halloween decor is made from stuff that you already have around the house : a trash bag, scissors and tape. This amazing idea invented by Jessica from How About Orange is a truly brilliant and inexpensive way to create some bold spider webs to adorn on the walls. Learn how you can make your Trash Bag Spiderwebs with just a little cutting and folding with the tutorial.

DIY Details : howaboutorange

14. Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

Your little ones are going to get a spooky kick out of these creepy paper mice decorations from Martha Stewart that are available for you as a free template, along with the detailed instructions to working them out at home. You can stick these crawly mice wherever you want around you home to add that frightening factor to your decor, whether its the chairs, the staircase, the floor or even the dinner table!

DIY Details : marthastewart

15. Do It Yourself : Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Do It Yourself : Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Celebrate this Halloween with these adorable homemade punched-tin lanterns that you can re-purpose using old cans. These tin can luminaries are beautiful lit up at night, with a candle sitting inside. Create gorgeous scattered light patterns around with holes punched in these luminaries that are much budget-friendly and easy to make all by yourself as compared to the expensive store-bought ones.

DIY Details : jollymom

16. Easy Halloween Luminaries

Easy Halloween Luminaries

Luminaries are a fun way to display the Halloween spirit at your entryway and porch. Here is a really cute, cheap and easy ways to light up your home with decorative luminaries made with recycled materials. Place or hang some lovely bunches of self-made luminaries built using mason jars, some black paper, a masking tape and crafts glue. Brew up a lovely impact on your ghostly decor with these easy-to-follow steps.

DIY Details : bhg

17. DIY Paper Bag Luminaries

DIY Paper Bag Luminaries

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of the day, no matter what’s the occasion, candle light never fails to make a mark. These DIY Paper Bag Luminaries made using battery operated candles can contribute exquisitely to your decor. With just a few minutes, you can have some pretty new luminaries for your home or the pathway to your space for guiding children to your party this Halloween!

DIY Details : kidskubby

18. DIY Basics: Ombre Wine Bottles

DIY Basics: Ombre Wine Bottles

Repurpose some old wine bottles and transform them into a lovely and elegant fall centerpiece for this Halloween season. This DIY craft is a simple, quick and inexpensive technique to prepare your home for the festivities and take your decor to an all new level of fantastic. Collect some fall color spray paints and get going with making your Ombre Wine Bottles, perfect to display on the tables along with some bright fall leaves.

DIY Details : brit

19. Mummy Jars

Mummy Jars

Without the need of overflowing the budget or being a queen at crafts, get in the Halloween spirit with these DIY Mummy Jars lighting up your home with re-purposed old jars around the house. Sporting some googly eyes, the mummy jars can be made using glass canning jars, a paint brush, lots of medical gauze, mod podge and craft eyes. You would love how adorable these luminaries look.

DIY Details : craftsredesigned

20. Spirit Jugs

Spirit Jugs

Recycle old milk jugs within minutes into something remarkably spectacular – DIY Spirit Jugs that will spruce up your space with the festive spirit. Put a group of these glowing jugs along your walkway or front porch to say hello to those lovely little holiday visitors. These ghostly guys need just a few clean gallon milk jugs, a permanent marker, a craft knife and a string of lights to come to life.

DIY Details : eighteen25

21. Creating The Night Sky

Creating The Night Sky

Adorn a charming and bright night sky with floating candles on the ceiling to bring in some magic of Halloween to your home. Make your very own Night Sky at home using your creative skills and some tools easily available out there. Flaunting gorgeous stars and suspended candle light, this DIY project is one-of-a-kind idea that is definitely going to make your celebration a huge hit as well as memorable by all for years to come.

DIY Details : harrypotterpartyideas

22. Easy, Do-It-Yourself Ghost

Easy, Do-It-Yourself Ghost

Here’s an idea to make original chicken wire ghosts, perfect to be placed in your garden and horrify all those who enter. This ghost is so realistic and frightening that it can actually give everyone some real goosebumps. Made using some fence wire transformed into a ghostly, translucent-looking figure, this DIY ghost project is surprisingly easy for the results that it produces.

DIY Details : wackyarchives

23. Halloween Magnetic Spiders

Halloween Magnetic Spiders

Spiders all over your door is perhaps, one of the most spookiest and thrilling things when it comes to a great Halloween decor. Have the creepy crawly spiders attack the door, or march in sync to make it a interesting and unique spider invasion. All you need to do is get some plastic spider rings and perform a bit of craft to transform the rings into sticky door spiders, with these step-by-instructions by Delia.

DIY Details : deliacreates

24. Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights!

Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights

LED tealights flickering like real flames can work as ghostly glowing eyes when hidden behind a spooky craft mask. Make use of this marvelous concept to adorn your walls with these self-made lights lining the surface to add a remarkable charm to the festive mood. These Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights that need no craft skills or time to prepare at all, can offer an exceedingly cool effect to your decor.

DIY Details : craftster

25. Painted Doormat

Painted Doormat

Build you very own customized welcome doormat flaunting Halloween phrases, spooky shapes or frightful drawings. Get an outdoor carpet and transform it into a freaky Halloween doormat using freezer paper stencils and your creative talent. This tutorial teaches you how you can make a Halloween painted doormat in a manner as easy as making some pumpkin pie, while being truly budget-friendly at the same time.

DIY Details : aprilscraftnest

26. Bat Lanterns

Bat Lanterns

How about repurposing a regular paper lantern into something that magically reflects the spine-tingling charm of Halloween? Create your own Bat Lanterns this festive season and get them hung in the middle of your living room, the entrance or simply above the treat table. You will be amazed to gain an insight into the ease of preparation of these awesome, truly exciting Halloween lanterns.

DIY Details : rebekahgough

27. Glowing Ghosts

Glowing Ghosts

Looking adorable and friendly in the light, but flaunting their haunting side in the dark, these Glowing Ghosts are an utterly easy and impactful Halloween decor idea that you could ever imagine. Made using bright glow sticks inserted in lovely white balloons, these spooky creatures shared by Martha Stewart are really effortless and quick to make, and of course they are just so budget-friendly!

DIY Details : marthastewart

28. Paranormal Portraits

Paranormal Portraits

Alter the way you look at all your special ones this Halloween by transforming their pictures into bone-chilling Paranormal Portraits. Place them inside the house on a display table or hang them in the back shed on some old barn doors to decorate your Halloween party in an unforgettable manner. Learn how you can craft haunting ghostly portraits from the regular photographs of your friends and family with this detailed tutorial.

DIY Details : countryliving

29. Glow in the Dark Food

Glow in the Dark Food

We have all seen bright, glowing decorations when its a Halloween celebration. But, how aboutsome delicious treats that come with the magical ability of glowing in the dark ? Make some awesome and truly mystical food using tonic water that glows in the dark and makes all your guests wonder throughout the party. Whether you wish to go for cookies, cakes, salads or yummy drinks for the event, you can make them all shine bright !

DIY Details : ourbestbites

30. DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

A total rage during the Halloween season, cheesecake ghosts are a classic home decor element that’s fun yet easy to achieve all by yourself. Create cute little ghosts with trailing wisps of cloth to build a haunting scene at home. Here is yet another awesome tutorial to make some DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts for this Halloween that are perfect to be suspended from your ceiling, chandeliers or the trees in your backyard.

31. Easy DIY Halloween Decor : Wall Of Bats

Easy DIY Halloween Decor : Wall Of Bats

A super quick and simple paper craft to prepare, bats swarming or randomly flying over your wall is a great way to restyle your wall for Halloween and bring a freaky festive ambiance to your home almost instantly. It takes no more than about an hour to craft out these amazing paper bats. To create your very own Wall Of Bats, all you need to do is trace, cut, bend and stick. Check out the detailed step-by-step instructions to forge the idea.

DIY Details : marvelousmommy

32. Pumpkins Carved With A Drill

Pumpkins Carved With A Drill

Halloween scary pumpkins have been quite a popular part of the festive decor for long. But, how about altering the idea to create something simply majestic ? Create DIY Pumpkins Carved With a Drill, perfect to be used as lovely lanterns as well as flower vases. The best thing about this clever carving is that it doesn’t require you to master the skills of making delicate patterns. Add some glow to your night with these pumpkins having tiny drilled holes.

DIY Details : craftynest

33. Monster Garage Teeth

Monster Garage Teeth

This trick-or-treat season, let’s introduce some monster magic to your house and turn your garage door into a big freaky creature.
All you need to grab is a small paint container, cans of plastic spray paint, masking tape, and a plastic or cloth taro to get going with the preparation of your version of the Monster Garage Teeth. This Instructable guides you through the process in a step-by-step tutorial with illustrations.

DIY Details : instructables

34. Making Your House Come Alive : Halloween Decoration Ideas

Making Your House Come Alive : Halloween Decoration Ideas

Bring your house to life with this Halloween decoration idea that transforms it into a huge monster by adding spooky bloodshot eyes and huge pointy teeth to the structure. Who knew that lots of acrylic paint and some wood sheets could turn out to be so devilish? Gather your artistic talent and invite the Halloween monster to your front door with this cleverly designed yet easy-to-follow detailed tutorial.

DIY Details : craftibilities

35. Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkins

Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkins

Complicated pumpkin carvings bring along a lot of mess and hassle as well as make a lot of people lose interest in the middle, specially the little kids. So, just skip the carvings this year and make some mystical Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkins by decorating the exterior of the vegetable with lovely works of art. Here’s an easy and kid-friendly way to make your Halloween pumpkins without any knives.

DIY Details : stevespanglerscience

36. Easy Black and White Halloween Topiary !

Easy Black and White Halloween Topiary

If you are fond of the unbeatable combination of black and white, get that love into your Halloween decor with this easy to make pumpkin topiary for your front porch. Check out how Jen created this topiary using some Halloween lighted pumpkin with awesome face carvings bought from Lowes. A really quick DIY for making a marvelous Jack-o-Lantern topiary painted in alternate black and whites, perfect to place at your house’s entrance or the party hall.

DIY Details : tatertotsandjello

37. Tomato Cage Halloween Ghosts

Tomato Cage Halloween Ghosts

Make a spooky ghostly display with nothing more than a turned upside down tomato cage, some colorful string lights, a sharpie and a pillowcase. An easy, cost-friendly and super adorable project, Tomato Cage Halloween Ghosts is one such festival DIY that can be done by almost anyone in a quick span of time, even the little kids by following a set of minimal instructions.

DIY Details : princesspinkygirl

38. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Freak out all who pass by your home with this bone-chilling Halloween decoration and be the next talk of the town. Get some cheap blow plastic skeletons and make them climb your house this Halloween with a little sewing and clever placements. The Climbing Halloween Skeletons are one of the best yet the easiest festive decor ideas, that you can forge within minutes with the help of this Instructable.

DIY Details : instructables

39. Spooky Eyeball Wreath

Spooky Eyeball Wreath

A freaky Eyeball Wreath having googly ghost eyes all over can be immensely frightening if placed on your front door to welcome the visitors for this year’s Halloween party. Collect lots of monstrous eyeballs and a wreath to create this amazing DIY decoration all by yourself. SO let’s make this fun, creepy wreath that will greet your trick-or-treaters in a one-of-a-kind way and add some fright to your welcome door.

DIY Details : aprettylifeinthesuburbs

40. Cheesecloth Spirits

Cheesecloth Spirits

Have you ever thought of styrofoam mannequin heads as hanging ghostly spirits ? This Halloween, invite these horrifying Cheesecloth spirits with free flowing bodies to your space. How cool and easy it is to make these spirits is truly surprising, plus something that’s going to save huge bucks by ditching the store-bought decor stuff. Take a look at this Martha Stewart tutorial on how to create Cheesecloth Halloween Spirits.

DIY Details : marthastewart

41. DIY Snow White’s Poison Apple

DIY Snow White’s Poison Apple

Some fabric paint, glue and glitter cleverly applied to a fake apple can result in the legendary poison apple from the tale of Snow White. Why not make your very own DIY poison apples to accompany your Halloween costumes or work as a decor element for throwing a little more light on the festive spirit. This poison apple reflecting a gooey devil face is truly haunting with its freaky appearance.

DIY Details : letsgetthrifty

42. Make Black Cat O’Lanterns

 Make Black Cat O'Lanterns

These chubby yet spooky Halloween cats crafted out of huge stacked pumpkins can simply make your entry glow and stand out. Watching all the visitors carefully, these glossy black cats with their bright golden eyes are surely going to freak everyone out.
Create this gorgeous version of the classic Jack-o-Lanterns : Black Cat O’Lanters that’s just so unusual, following this tutorial to prepare the freaky felines.

DIY Details : sunset

43. Handmade Halloween: Spider Sack Decor

Handmade Halloween: Spider Sack Decor

These DIY Spider Sacks are a remarkably stylish take on the traditional Halloween decor, being quite inexpensive at the same time. Effortless enough for kids to join in on the action, these spider sacks can be easily crafted out using some yarn, glue and balloons. To gain an insight into the further details, the inspirations and step-by-step instructions for making your own Spider Sacks, check out this DIY guide.

DIY Details : modernparentsmessykids

44. Haunted House Silhouettes

Haunted House Silhouettes

Create frightening shadows that suggest to the passers-by outside that something is fishy on the other side of the wall. These Haunted House Silhouettes perfect to place all around your home to transform it into a haunted-looking house can make your Halloween memorable for years. Make some marvelous silhouettes, including a threatening witch and her broom, zombies, deadly tools, a knife-wielding maniac and much more.

DIY Details : makezine

45. Glow In The Dark Mason Jars

Glow In The Dark Mason Jars

Make your party space or the porch exquisitely beautiful and stunning with Glow In The Dark Mason Jars. Regular glass jars turned into something simply gorgeous and magical that will remind all of the fairies is an out-of-this-world idea. Using some glow in the dark paint and old mason jars, you can make your brightly-colored glowing fairy jars that are adorable enough to steal all eyes.

DIY Details : iso.500px

Halloween is nearly here, perhaps, it’s the perfect time to get your craft stuff and those cool or unusual props out. Use one or more of these easy and quick DIY Halloween decorations to make your house creepy festive this year and grab some huge appreciations from all who turn up to your party. Happy Halloween!

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